Blogging Every Day

Didn’t we already decide as a society that it is a bad idea to do any one thing every single day?  Isn’t that why we invented weekends?

I see all this November ‘write a book in a month’ stuff, and I wonder who it is aimed at.  The books that are written can’t be very good.  But more importantly, it ignores the fact that the initial writing isn’t the hard part of the novel process, it’s the re-writing.  So what is the benefit of forcing yourself to write 2000 words a day if there is no intention to spend the the next two years re-writing the crap you wrote?

This morning I saw a November ‘write a blog post everyday’ thing and to me that is a more useful challenge.  If the point of all this is to get yourself into the discipline of writing everyday, then a blog is a more sensible way to go about it.  It need be only a few hundred words, is self contained and can be written and re-written several times over the course of a day, in among work or school or the daily dwelling/clothing/body chores we must perform to survive.  And in the end – by spending the same amount of time that you would have spent on 2000 words that will never be read, you can have something that you won’t be ashamed to show to the world.

This just occurred to me:  is there a rule that says a blog has to be non-fiction?

3 thoughts on “Blogging Every Day

  1. Ooh, you cynical bugger! I think that if NaNo makes one person write one book that gets published, the whole thing’s worth it. Plus, you can’t edit what you haven’t written, and NaNo might be the catalyst, the framework and the supportive community that through the initial ‘boot-camp’ intensity get’s people to realise they can write, gets them to finally try.
    It might not be your bag, but I kind of like it 🙂


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