Thorough investigation of truth

My randomly generated writing prompt for the day was a quote from Cicero:
“The searching-out and thorough investigation of truth ought to be the primary study of man.”

But truth is tricky and changeable. You could spend all that time searching it out only to find it changed on you while you were out looking.

I sometimes feel I am opinion-less. because I don’t believe in absolute rights or wrongs. What is true today for one might be false for someone else, and they might both change their minds before the week is out.

With a working imagination, how can anything be painted in simple black and white, true or false, good or bad?

Am I opinion-less because I can see both sides of every story? And is that a bad way to be?

One thought on “Thorough investigation of truth

  1. I’m very with you. Wittgenstein once said that if we could sort out our problems with language we’d solve all our philosophical problems at the same time.
    Part of the trouble for me is that we don’t use words very well. The very definition of truth is that it is the subjective element of our apprehension of reality – it is individual, up for debate. But we often use it as if it were synonymous with “fact” or “reality”.
    I’ve got loads of opinions, but one of them is that all of them are wrong!


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