Watch out, world, I am in a mood today.

There is a mischievous wild-child crouched in my brain today, concocting schemes of madness and mayhem to inflict on the unaware.

Nothing good or productive will flow from my fingers today. I will write no happy endings. I will type no words of encouragement to fellow wannabes. I will click no likes or follows.

Today I scorn the tears of tree-hugging environmentalists and applaud my friend’s purchase of a gas-guzzling SUV.

Today I laugh at the losers who spent thousands on lottery tickets and predict a lifetime of misery for the winners of millions.

Today I sneer at idiots in the public eye who can’t keep their fists to themselves and join the crowds of strangers who scream with one voice, “you suck!”

Today I believe the apocalypse is near, if only to squash the careful plans made by the hopeful.

Watch out, world, here I go…

…back to bed. This mood is exhausting.

4 thoughts on “Today

    1. So sorry to disappoint. But don’t worry… I can guarantee the venom will return. I’ll be sure to let you know when it does. *evil grin*


  1. The blog world awaits your return from your bed and your mood – though a bit of venom is good now and then – gives us all a kick in the pants – who hasn’t been there – right?


    1. And in writing something like this, then hearing from a sympathetic voice, the venom is leached and I can move on with my day. 🙂


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