This is just a silly rant…

SWTOR Bounty Hunter (IMG_3681)
SWTOR Bounty Hunter  (Photo credit: chaines106)

I really, really wish there was someone out there in the world who liked to play MMORPGs* the way I want to play them:

1) Quests only: no dungeons or raids, I just want to follow a character through the story-line of the game.

2) No PvP*: I don’t want to fight real people – I want to fight NPCs*.  I don’t understand the appeal of fighting other players.

3) No crafting: feels too much like work.

4) Gear:  I really don’t care what kind of gear my character has. As long as it is the right level for my character – that is good enough for me.  And as an addition to this, I don’t care about buying or selling gear in the markets – too much work.

The thing is – I really like to play with other people, But the key word there is PLAY. It is a game, it is supposed to be fun.  When your game becomes an obsession and when you get angry at people who don’t take it seriously, then it is no longer fun.

I don’t want to just randomly hook up with strangers either – I want to already know who I am going to play with and more importantly – I want them to know me and my playing style and be cool with my giggling when the monster starts attacking and I start yelling, “run away, run away!”

I have yet to meet a single person in real life or inside the games who wants to play the way I do, and so that means I don’t really play anymore.  It is boring to play by myself.

And that is the end of this silly rant.

Where I am:
SWTOR –  Shadowlands – main: Jilanna – Sith Assassin, alt: Vaunna, – Smuggler Gunslinger
WoW –  I’m sort of all over the place – been playing since 08′, never got a char past level 60 – I just get bored and start new ones

*Glossary for the non-gamer:

MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game – basically Dungeons and Dragons on the computer with strangers from all over the planet.

PvP – Player vs. Player (real people)

NPC – Non-Player Characters (not real people)

SWTOR – an MMORPG called Star Wars, The Old Republic

WoW – an MMORPG called World of Warcraft 

7 thoughts on “This is just a silly rant…

  1. Player type one: Has a life but needs to switch off sometimes
    Player type two: Has no life and so compensates through obsessive gaming
    Sadly, Jasc, MMORPG is honey to type two players.
    I can’t be bothered. I just want a diversion for a few minutes/hours. So I went for point-and click. Stupidly simple rules, all quest and no fighting.
    FATWAH is right – get that time machine going 🙂


  2. This is a new language to me: I’m not a game player. It seems to me that you need to train an apprentice to play the way you want them to, and then BINGO! Your perfect opponent. Other ways to resolve this problem include cloning and a time machine. 😉


      1. Of course you are: you are a geek. Geeks spend all their time cloning and inventing time machines, don’t they? No wonder you need to play games in your spare time! 😉


  3. Haha. I know how you feel. Though I laugh when people follow me around to help me. I have to rhyme or reason to how I go about things, well it seems that way to others, I know what I’m doing. I also tend to forget to change armour or weapons. Oops, but if you need healed, I’m there!


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