A Day Like Any Other Day

blue sky
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This Saturday morning is like every morning: Coffee, Computer, Repeat. The word ‘weekend’ lost it’s meaning a long time ago. Today is a ‘non-work’ day as opposed to a ‘work’ day which could happen any day, regardless of its weekend or weekday status. But today the sun is out, and it wont be out for long. I want to go out there to feel it on my face. That would make today different. To feel the sun. I would call it Sunday.

But I won’t go out there alone. Can’t or won’t? Maybe can’t today. (That reminds me of my teacher in seventh grade saying, “Yes, you are capable of going to the bathroom. If, however, you are seeking permission, perhaps you would like to rephrase the question?”)

When my boyfriend runs out of cigarettes, we will go out there. And once I get him out there, away from his computer, I can talk him into taking a turn around the park. His unhealthy addiction often encourages healthy walking. I hope he runs out before the sun sets.

This is rambling and sounds a little crazy. But I am feeling a little crazy today, so that is appropriate I suppose. It is a crazy sort of day, isn’t it? A day that is sad, but filled with a sense of life and love because it reminds us to look around and see how lucky we are to be here. now. today.
On a Saturday morning when the sun is shining.


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