Yesterday’s Googling (or – what I did instead of working)

“Galaxy Samsung III”

In February my birthday present to myself will be a new phone. I usually have more money in February because I work a lot in January. The battery in my two-year old phone is dead again, it has been a great phone, but it keeps dying unexpectedly – like during conversations with my client. At least that’s what I told him.

“Audrey Hepburn / Promenada Country Club, ul Romatyczna 3, Warsaw / Cricket in Poland”

Ok this is a bit hard to explain – when I am looking for story ideas, I go into Wikipedia and just click on ‘random article’ and these are the three things that I found that seemed the most interesting. No story came out of it though. I just didn’t have that ‘story’ vibe yesterday. Writing is the only thing that can make me feel like the day had any value. It is addictive, and so much more satisfying than work.

“Homework phobia”

Arg – an email from my client – bold and unread in the inbox. Like a bug in my ear that I can’t get out, and everything around me is tainted by the sound of its buzzing. Maybe there is something seriously wrong with me. I feel like telling my client some horrible lie about my grandmother getting really sick. Sorry, yeah – it’s awful, she’s all alone in San Antonio and I’m the only one who can go out and help her. But those sorts of lies have that horrible way of coming back to haunt you.

Ergophobia - revisited.
Ergophobia – revisited. (Photo credit: practicalowl)


Wow – maybe I have this? Ergophobia, (derived from the Greek “ergon” (work) and “phobos” (fear); also called ergasiophobia), is an abnormal and persistent fear (or phobia) of work (manual labor, non-manual labour, etc) or finding employment.

No – I’ve had the same job for ten years, it isn’t the work – it’s the black cloud of unwanted responsibility hanging over my head.

“Responsibility Phobia”

Hypengyophobia derives from the Greek hypengyos, meaning responsible and phobos meaning fear.
The signs of Hypengyophobia are individual and can vary from person to person. Some people, when confronted with their worry of responsibility, may begin to perspire, feel barely uncomfortable or develop into nauseated. At the opposite end of the spectrum, other persons are so severely compromised by this phobia, that they might experience crippling nervousness and/or panic attacks. 

Oh boy – this sounds really, really to close to home… ok – distract, distract…

“The Hobbit movie showtimes”

Ok – I’ll just tell my client I’m not available tomorrow – driving up north to see ‘family’ because seriously, Peter Jackson feels like family to me.