It’s My Opinion

The Argument
The Argument (Photo credit: roeyahram)

Leave me alone with my opinion, please.  Do not question its validity, its very worthiness because it does not correspond with your own.  You are older than I am, and more experienced, it is true, but that does not mean you know what is better for me.

This is not 1952, we are not your parents. A husband can not dictate a wife’s likes and dislikes.

If I can not explain to you how I reached my conclusion, the step by step process by which I determined why I like something, that does not mean I did not try hard enough.

And you know that if my opinion matched yours, you would never look for an explanation at all. If I agreed with you on this, you would think I had done all that deep thinking you believe is required for every-single-stupid-little decision.

Can we, for once, not fight about why I like what I like?  Can we please just agree to disagree? Please, just this once?

Can I please just enjoy my chocolate ice cream before it melts?


For the Daily Prompt, 32 Flavors – Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

11 thoughts on “It’s My Opinion

  1. That’s a creative usage of the prompt. And I some times use that last line too when too much talk happens while eating an ice cream.. 🙂


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