Never Been Kissed

My Sixteenth Birthday
My Sixteenth Birthday

I was the most immature 16 year old on the planet. I blush now to read my diary then. It sounds like a twelve year old’s thoughts.  I had no plans for the future when I was 16.  I was interested in Right Now, or maybe, Five Minutes From Now.

After reading all of the entries from my sixteenth year, I can extrapolate two parts of ‘future me’ from the text.  One, I loved to write stories then as much as I do now.  The diary pages, when not talking about boys, are full of references to stories I am working on.  Two, the reason I never seriously entertained thoughts of being a writer: I never finished a single one of those stories.

My boyfriend often wonders why my parents and teachers never encouraged me to become a writer.  The diary entries make it obvious, I never wanted to be one.  I don’t remember ever showing any of my stories to anyone either, so how would anyone know I was writing them? And besides all that,  I couldn’t spell, and I was a terrible student.  My 16th year was full of ‘D’s.

I can’t answer the question: Does my life now look like what I imagined it to be when I was 16? Apparently, at 16 I wasn’t concerned with anything beyond ‘tommarro.’


P.S. I won the bet.


Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen 
When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

4 thoughts on “Never Been Kissed

  1. cool is that. I think it is amazing that you did this and are able to read it in your sixteen year old handwriting. Thanks for sharing…and for the actualy picture. This is way cool in my mind.


    1. Thanks! I have stacks and stacks of these diaries – I wrote in them pretty consistently from 13 to 23. I only stopped when I had to rip out and burn certain pages in fear of them being read by my then husband.

      And that one sentence says so much more about my life than anything I ever wrote – oh, my.

      I took a peek at your blog, so I know you will understand when I say: Blogging is Cathartic!


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