Ten Minutes

Ten Minutes.  Impossible.  I make too many mistakes.  I already did.  I meant to start with the word, ‘word.’  The words fill my mind, swirl around my soul until I am drowned.  I can’t take another breath until I’ve breached the dam and they pour out like a flood onto the screen.  The squiggly red lines, like poisonous worms under every word, telling me I made yet another mistake. Fix me, fix me they cry.  I must remember to spend the last minute fixing the mistakes.

If only life would provide me with such perfect clues.  I don’t know when I’ve made a mistake, until later, “Jill I can’t believe you said that to her!”  But, wait, I didn’t mean, oh no.  Not again.  Open mouth, insert foot.  It is the story of my life.  All these constant mistakes.  And no little red worms to cry ‘fix me’ before I publish myself into reality.

Words and stories, they are everything to me.  Dull reality holds no value.  Flat, boring always now, never then.  Never that shiny bright future of my imagination.  Always the now of reality.  Boring.  The in and out of wake, sleep, wake, sleep.  It is always now.

I’m not as fast a typist as I think.  The time is… up.


Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go – Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

14 thoughts on “Ten Minutes

  1. I once asked a friend of mine how it was possible for me to walk with both feet in my mouth. He looked at my sympathetically and said “Practice my lady. Practice.”
    As for the red squiggly thingies – try typing the Queen’s English with American spelling – makes for many squigglies – I just ignore them!


    1. I work with a lot of international clients – My American Office software does not like they way they spell! lots of red!

      And your friend is, sadly, very correct! 🙂


  2. I tried the challenge, too! Twas so hard! Especially being a “perfectionist” and “obsessive compulsive” when it comes to writing… I had to add some extra time for the tagging, categorizing, and quoting and the back-linking. @_@


    1. Thanks! I really thought ten minutes would last longer. I had to cheat a little, it took me an extra minute to add the link back to the prompt. =)


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