Well, I survived. I am back home, at my own computer, in my comfy clothes and fuzzy slippers.

One of the few things about my job that I like is all the fancy hotels I get to stay in. And the best thing about staying in a hotel is the housekeeping staff.   Seriously, who doesn’t love having a person come in to clean your room and make your bed for you every day?  I am so grateful to them for making my time away from home that much nicer.

I like to leave the tip every morning before I go off to work my 14 hours in the ballroom.  It isn’t the same person cleaning my room for the whole week, so it doesn’t make sense to just tip on the last day. And since it seems so impersonal to just leave money on the desk, and potentially confusing, I leave a note as well.  Just a simple: “For the housekeeper, thank you” note along with the cash.  Well, this past week the awesome housekeeping ladies at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas left me a cute note in return, every day!  So sweet!

Happy nice day!
Happy nice day!

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