Lil Miss Mighty Mouse – Guests blogs to battle withdrawal!

The Fierce Panda let me play over in his house today…. Hilarity ensues…

Rule of Stupid

From the blue, Mind of a Mouse sent me this post, which was very splendid of her and rescues me from my current postless dessert.

I have mentioned my terribly interesting life getting in the way of my Blog, but I hope to have a post for the weekend. Meanwhile Mouse has reminded me of Guesting and I hereby invite submissions from anyone who wishes to offer a guest post. The only stipulation is that it must have some humour and at least one picture. Priority will go to posts with gratuitous sexual references! I may also defile them with my own cartoons if time permits.


Meanwhile, do enjoy these delightful Mouse droppings 🙂

Mind of a Mouse Guest Spot

RoS aka Fierce Panda aka PandaShakes is off saving the world or something – simply too busy to write even a short post for his lowly followers. But I…

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