Easily Startled, Probably Panicking

Why Mind of a Mouse?

According to those who know me well, I am always about a heartbeat away from blind panic?


If I’m not sleeping, my thoughts are scurrying around the inside of my brain, looking to escape via spoken or written word?


I am always hungry, but I never do more than nibble?


I liked the alliteration?


Do I need a reason?



mouse (Photo credit: Rod Senna)

Daily Prompt: All About Me – Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

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Jill Schmehl

Jill spends most of her waking hours attempting to capture the thoughts that scurry around her mind and put them to work entertaining others. You can find these thoughts most often on her blog, Mind of a Mouse, but tiptoe when you enter please, she is easily startled and probably panicking.

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