Reinventing Myself… Again

Hello World,

I’m starting a new adventure, would you like to join me?  I found this magical world near my home where, for a small fee (averages out to $15 dollars a day for desk space and internet access and coffee. Cheaper than an afternoon at Starbucks) I can pretend to have a job.  A nine-to-five job with co-workers and a lunch room.  But NO BOSS.  So if I want to spend the whole time just surfing the web I can, or if I want to write ridiculous fiction, I can do that too, or I could do work that I’m actually getting paid to do.  Anything goes.

You are wondering, I suppose, why I wouldn’t just do this at home, as I have done for the past ten years of my life.  Well, being home alone and working in your pajamas (or less, depending on the weather) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  First of all it is Lonely.  While I don’t enjoy being in huge crowds of strangers, I do tend to lean more towards the extrovert side of the spectrum.   And frankly, after too much time alone, I start to go a little crazy.  My boyfriend has no problem with that life.  He hides out in his studio all day long, surviving on cigarettes and coffee with no human interaction at all – unless you count listening to books on Audible.  While he is very tolerant of my frequent interruptions, I feel like a bored little kid, stuck in the middle of summer vacation, whining about having nothing to do.

lonely (Photo credit: Vermario)

Today is my first day at the ‘office’ as I will choose to call it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ve already had three short, friendly conversations with my ‘coworkers,’ got a tour of the kitchen and the coffeemaker, and I’m having no issues concentrating amid the background noise of ‘other people’s business.’  So far so good.

I see some very productive days ahead…

What do you think of my idea to pay money to work away from home? Is it the way of the future, or is it a waste of money?

I hope to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

P.S. I started a new page called Feed Me (see the tab above) where I am going to start recording all the things I watch or read or listen to during the day that move or inspire or amuse me.  Since I do spend so much time ‘surfing,’ I’ve had a few friends ask me to help them find all the really interesting stuff that exists out there…

9 thoughts on “Reinventing Myself… Again

  1. Good on you. I don’t think it’s a waste of money at all, if it’s what you need. I tend more towards your boyfriend’s personality type; but, we have a dedicated writers’ centre in the city, and I’ve started to use it a bit more. This is after months (years?) of saying, “I should use it a bit more.”


    1. I’ve never liked writers groups per se, I’m not comfortable with giving honest feedback on other people writing. However – just being in a room full of other creative people is very inspiring.


    1. Good Point! Hadn’t thought of that. It is also almost a mile walk to the ‘office,’ much healthier than the twelve steps from the bedroom to the desk.


    1. It is true – as my own boss, I am constantly monitoring my use of time. But I am the best, not the worst boss I’ve ever had. One thing I hated, back when I had a boss, was the idea that they could come up behind me and comment on how I was using the time they were paying me for. I hate that. I am very efficient, I work fast, and I would often finish things way ahead of schedule. No boss I ever had could ever keep me busy enough. If the boss had nothing for me to do – I would read or write. I can’t pretend to be busy. Made a lot of bosses angry that way and I spent a lot of time feeling paranoid about being ‘caught.’ Now as a freelancer – I only get paid for the work I actually do. I don’t have to feel guilty about how I spend my time, and my clients appreciate how fast I work.


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