What doesn’t bore me?

I read something, somewhere, about the correlation between Boredom and Depression.  I can’t be bothered to go find the article. Too much effort. I bet the article doesn’t read the way I remember it.  I bet it will contradict what I know is true.

Boredom IS Depression.  The words are synonymous.  There is nothing to do because I don’t feel like doing anything.  I don’t feel like doing anything because there is nothing to do.  This is true.

Boredom sinks into my skin, my hair, my nails.  I am wilted, flat, dry and cracked.  Someone offers to water me and I refuse, afraid of drowning, of floating away, or worse: growing and blooming into someone who is not me.

Everything becomes boring, eventually.  A favorite book, a beautiful walk, a charming man.  Familiarity breeds boredom.

I am bored with you
I am bored with you (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got bored with my own name once.  Told everyone to call me by a different one.  But I never responded to the new name; I forgot it was me.

I got bored with the sound of my laugh.  Sounded overused.  I changed it to match the laugh of someone I admired.  Now when I laugh I feel as if that person is laughing with me.

I got bored by your stories.  Started finishing them for you.

You stopped talking.

The cure for Boredom is Challenge.  Challenge me to a mental duel. Challenge me to read or write or watch something that will boggle/strain/change my mind.  Challenge me to learn something faster than you. (But please stay and watch, without a witness it doesn’t count.  Without an audience or a competitor, the challenge becomes meaningless.  If it is only for me, then it is not worth doing. )

The cure for Boredom is Need. It is having other people around who need me to do things for them.  Important, meaningful, relevant things. (If I think it is stupid or illogical I wont do it.  I will roll my pedantic eyes at you and sneer at your request.)

The cure for Boredom is …. huh? What was I talking about…  I stopped paying attention three paragraphs ago.  Bored by my own words… again.


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