Stop staring at me

The reflection is blurry, softer, cleaner.  The lighting is dim, inside that other bathroom, the walls don’t need new paint and the cracked tile floor is invisible. Perhaps it isn’t cracked at all in there. Perhaps you just float, no need for feet or floors.

You are always there, inside the glass, staring out into the world. What do you do when you are alone? When no one is there to reflect? Do you wait, hidden just out of view, or do you live some other life?

English: Looking through a cracked picture frame

The life inside the looking-glass is not filled with fantastical creatures and talking cards. It is the same as life on this side, just reversed. Left instead of right, east instead of west. Everyday is Opposite Day.

On that side, you are rich and brave and you never say the wrong thing at the wrong moment.  You never hurt the people you love with critical words and unrealistic expectations. You are never lazy or bored.

Maybe over there you finish the projects you start.  Maybe you live with people who have no other purpose in life other than to encourage you to succeed at yours. Maybe you know exactly what the word success means to you, and you are steadfast in your pursuit of that tangible, well-defined goal.

You are sick though. And too tall, and you have children and pets.  You have no time to yourself, and you don’t get to read a lot.  You are not curious and you are not into self-improvement. What good is all your wealth if you have no time to spend it?

Upon reflection, the reflection is balanced. Your life is better and worse in equal measures.

Stop staring at yourself, you’ll go cross-eyed.

2 thoughts on “Stop staring at me

  1. ‘better and worse in equal measures’ – nice! I appreciate how your post started out with such apparent opposites and ended up balanced. Like life. Like all of us. Thank you!


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