The Minutes from Now til Dreamtime

Trapped by the rain, and it turns out the list of projects set aside for a rainy day, or two or three, were set aside not for lack of time, but for lack of interest. So we struggle to find ways of clearing the dull pitter-patter of monotony from our brains.

We imagine what it might be like in a world where all living must be done indoors, during the next ice age or heat age, or whatever you call it. Everyone on the planet living in skyscrapers, like monkeys in stacked cages, raining monkey shit.

But cozy is better than palatial, and loneliness will kill you.  We’d all be better off in packed multi-generational homes, with the old to mind the young while the middles provide.

Or better, with robots to do the farming, (they wont mind the heat or cold) the cooking and cleaning.  A world where there is no more need for money and there are no more bad jobs and we all get to dress for dinner.  Grandmas and great-grandmas arguing with the youngsters over clothing and partner choices at the cozy dining table while the robots serve, always on the right, please. (is that right?)

But then we are back to the start. The boring beginning. Searching for something to fill the minutes from now til dreamtime.

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