Face your Fears. Draw the Birds.

I’m drawing birds despite my fear of them. (Though, I have just discovered, some are more afraid than I am.  This is hysterically funny.)

Today I drew a pigeon. I hate pigeons. They are dirty and they do not fear humans. A terrible combination.

After pecking a bit around Google Images, I found a picture I liked of a pigeon with long legs, which is a plus if you are going to draw a bird wearing boxer shorts. Which is a thing now, if you didn’t know.

The picture lead me to a website: pigeon-bg.com

From the about page:

Hello, my name is Stefan Dobrev Radev. I have been breeding homing pigeons since 1981. The idea about the Pigeon Race Course “Kalimantsi” originated in 2003 and in March 2004 I started its implementation with the help of some friends and colleagues of the Homing Pigeon Breeders Club “Polet” Varna.

A club.  For pigeon breeders. How does one become a pigeon breeder?  Why does one become a pigeon breeder?

I can’t understand how the race works, but apparently this year’s first prize winner will receive 3500 EUR which is, roughly, 4850 USD. That seems like a lot of money to win for racing a pigeon.

This is a weird world we live in.

I love it.

This is my year to win it! I’m gonna fly like the wind. Eat My Tail Feathers!