A Bad Decision

“You Suck.”

That is not what she said, but that is what I felt.

I really thought I had a chance this time.  Only 25 people entered the contest.  I read all the other submissions.  Mine was by far the best.

Of course, mine was also the only one not about twenty-something sex and/or dating issues.

Mine was about making a bad career-path choice.

You know, mature, adult decision-making.

Perhaps that was an error.  Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the personality of the judge, a twenty-something social-media obsessed blogger who used to work for one of those awful online celebrity-dirt-rags.

And the winning piece was to go on Hairpin, a place for twenty-something girls to whine about bad sex and beauty products and mean boy/girlfriends.

Perhaps entering this contest was the bad decision I should have written about.