Is that what you call it?

Prose Poetry is poetry without the rhymes or the line breaks. A collection of words intended to convey a feeling or a mood – not so interested in plot or character.

The last two things I wrote, Unresolved, here on this site, and The death of a moment, over on my fiction site definitely adhere to that description. As does a piece of mine you’ll find in the upcoming issue of The Philadelphia Evening Post.  (Issuu Link)

I didn’t know it had a name, but it is the way I write to myself.  My notebooks full of scribbles that pile up on this desk are full of moments and moods.  I make up the stories, the plots and characters to contain them, to make them capsule shaped and gel coated, but that is only the way they end, not the way they begin.

Perhaps I will stop trying to be what I think you will like.