Castles in the Sky

20161115_105610How big do you dream? Is it the sky, the moon or the stars that you reach for?

Grandiose goals fill my head with helium.  My mind floats high above this couch I am lying on. I am solving all the problems in my life. I am answering all the questions of why I exist and who I am and where I am going next. I scribble it all down in my notebook, words upon words describe mind blowing dreams. A million ‘what if’s.’ My coffee grows cold, my hand cramps. I turn the page. Nothing changes.

In the moments when my imaginings are constrained to my environment, I don’t imagine myself fixing the small problems that plague this house, I imagine tearing it down to the basement and rebuilding it. Consequently, the fan in the bathroom hasn’t worked for 3 years.

I need smaller goals. Small goals are doable. Nothing about a small goal overwhelms to the point of stagnation. People who keep their goals small actually get things done.

But my mind is off again, imagining the words scribbled on this page to be PURE TRUTH and as such, when they make it to the masses, the world will stop in its tracks, in awe of my brilliance.

Of course, I know before I start that the dream I have imagined is impossible, so I don’t start at all.  Or worse, I’ll start, but soon realize the impossibility of the task then stop. Chalk up another failure.

The first step to fixing the bathroom fan is measuring the hole in the ceiling. Next, go to a place that sells them and buy a fan that will fit in the hole. And so on. The steps are clear. Even the problems I might encounter, an odd sized hole, old wiring, are surmountable.

What’s the first step in writing PURE TRUTH?  Uh, laughing at the very idea, right? Realizing truth for one is fiction for another?  Understanding that sometimes I can be just a wee bit pretentious?

They say aim for the stars so you’ll at least reach the sky.  But how is failing to build a rocketship going to help you build an airplane?