About Me

A snippet:

This is a blog full of words.  Some true, some not so true.  Facts are hard to pin down. Memory is suspect.

A bio:

Jill spends most of her waking hours attempting to capture the thoughts that scurry around her mind and put them to work entertaining others. You can find these thoughts most often on her blog, Mind of a Mouse, but tiptoe when you enter please, she is easily startled and probably panicking.

A list:

  1. My name is Jill.  Just Jill.  Not Jillian or Gillian.  It means ‘sweetheart’ or ‘youthful’ and those are two words I use to describe myself ALL THE TIME [never].   I am not associated in any way with anyone named Jack.
  2. I live in Philadelphia with one boyfriend, no children and no pets.
  3. I do stuff with PowerPoint, Photoshop and After Effects to make money.
  4. I write, read, paint, and play video games to have fun.
  5. I have hazel eyes and reddish/blondish/brownish hair, for now.
  6. I avoid using words that end in ‘ist’ to describe myself.
  7. I consume alcohol, meat, dairy and caffeine with pleasure and moderation.
  8. I’ll always choose the appetizer over the dessert.
  9. I am skeptical of anything I have not observed with my own senses.
  10. This list will change as often as I change…. Which is often.

I prefer a private conversation over a public one – so, I apologize if I am less than active in the comment section. Please feel free to email me: jaschmehl [at] gmail [dot] com.

18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yay! Philly! We are originally from South Jersey and spent much much time in Philly. I also went to Temple, so there you go. We are in Southern California now and I certainly miss Market Street and Broad Street and the waterfront more than just about anything else…

    Thanks for following my blog also 😉


    1. How funny – I was born in LA – Long Beach to more precise. 😉

      Happy to follow! Loved that 100 word story on the space siren!


  2. Reading your blog has inspired me to continue writing, so I’ve nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award!
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