Field Research

Unaware of his alien observer, Glunt squatted in the tall grass with the other members of the hunting party, wanting nothing more than to slink away, to disappear, to hide, anything to avoid killing the adorable baby deer-like animal in front of him. The tribe had been following this herd for a very long time. … Continue reading Field Research

Hasty Words

The sisters sit alone in the living room, their age-bent backs to each other. The windows are open but even the crickets and cicadas have stopped their chatter, afraid of attracting the wrath of the women inside. The guests have left unnoticed, sneaking away into the night, one of them chastised almost to tears for … Continue reading Hasty Words

Fine Pancakes

The Old Man insisted on calling her Marcy. Marissa wasn't in a position to argue with him. “I’m just reminding you, again sir, that in order to arrive at the signing on time, we need to leave in,” She glanced at the cell phone in her hand, “three minutes.” He just kept on smiling and forked another … Continue reading Fine Pancakes

Your Turn

A long time from now, in an assisted living facility not so far away, four old women sit around a card table. "Jessica, it's your turn." Jessica didn't respond.  She stared at her hands instead. Gray hair never bothered her, nor did the wrinkles in her face, but her hands looked old. "Jessica!" Drea was … Continue reading Your Turn

Gut Reaction

A fictional tale of unexpected, and slightly silly, heroic rescue.   Wendy reached out to turn off the alarm and cringed, waiting for the hangover to slam into her head. After a moment or two, when nothing happened, she opened first one eye then the other to the midday glow emanating from around the edges … Continue reading Gut Reaction