Strangely Marvelous, Marvelously Strange

Fairies bound, hilltop to hilltop, ignoring laws of gravity, time and space.The frightened observer, unable to accept the scene, attempts to recall her last meal."The dumplings were bad!" she exclaims, sinking into carpet-like grass, into grass-like carpet.Fairies fracture yet fail to fade in the light of this untruth.A dream? A nightmare? An inspiration?Fairies don't care … Continue reading Strangely Marvelous, Marvelously Strange

Step into the Wayback Machine, and laugh your ass off!

The Cheeky Diva

Thank you to Jill, at Mind of a Mouse for writing this hilarious post!  You may remember, Jill is the one who wrote last week’s fabulous letter, campaigning to get this highly sought after gig.

Hello Cheeky Readers,

For today’s session we are traveling back in time, way back, keep on going… stop! Too far… forward a bit.  There.  We’ve arrived in 1989!  The era of Big Hair and Acid Washed Jeans.  A time when Cool kids were Cool and Geeks were Geeks and there was no overlap between.

Picture me, a five-foot nothing, 98 pound weakling, with a secret love of all things Fantasy.  Now, being a girl, I could get away with this to an extent.  Plus, I was really small, and often overlooked, literally. On second thought, don’t bother picturing it, here’s a real picture instead.

I realize now, of course, that no one was paying attention, (because…

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Remember I asked for guest bloggers?

The Cheeky Diva

Well, I found this letter in my inbox shortly after the request.  This is from our blog pal Jill, who writes the delightful blog, Mind Of  A Mouse.  I can’t wait to see what she will come up with for next Wednesday, but I thought her letter  was too funny not to share with you guys.  What do you think?  Isn’t she great????

Please check out her blog, and why not give her a topic to write about in the comments?  I’m sure she could handle any subject with a great sense of humor and I think after reading this, you will look forward to her guest post as much as I am.

Thanks for sticking with me while I’m otherwise engaged, and yes, there will be haiku’s tomorrow.  Make em good, people, I’m toying with the idea of compiling all of the haiku hijinx into a book when…

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Lil Miss Mighty Mouse – Guests blogs to battle withdrawal!

The Fierce Panda let me play over in his house today…. Hilarity ensues…

Rule of Stupid

From the blue, Mind of a Mouse sent me this post, which was very splendid of her and rescues me from my current postless dessert.

I have mentioned my terribly interesting life getting in the way of my Blog, but I hope to have a post for the weekend. Meanwhile Mouse has reminded me of Guesting and I hereby invite submissions from anyone who wishes to offer a guest post. The only stipulation is that it must have some humour and at least one picture. Priority will go to posts with gratuitous sexual references! I may also defile them with my own cartoons if time permits.


Meanwhile, do enjoy these delightful Mouse droppings 🙂

Mind of a Mouse Guest Spot

RoS aka Fierce Panda aka PandaShakes is off saving the world or something – simply too busy to write even a short post for his lowly followers. But I…

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Company for Christmas

Hello Readers! Just a reminder... Regardless of your religious affiliation, if you will be alone on December 25th and looking for some company, click on the C4C badge over to the right to chat with some friendly folks.     And help spread the word by retweeting... Thanks!