What’s the difference between the herd of cows in the slaughter shoot and the herd of frequent flyers boarding a plane? There is none. (This is not a joke.) The chaos of the kindergarten classroom after recess is less stressful than the whiny business-casual crowd elbowing and shoving, me first, I have status! No chivalry … Continue reading Chaos

Meaningful Work

This morning, I read two articles on Fast Company that seemed to contradict each other. The first was about some internet guru lady who says that big companies better look out because working Millennials won't be motivated by money, instead, they'll be looking for 'meaningful' employment. The second article said, big companies are trying to … Continue reading Meaningful Work

Join ’em

The Culture Snob I tried to read a book called, "The Cult of the Amateur" by Andrew Keen, because I thought it would explain how we can recognize the Good Stuff in a world where Everyone can display Everything.  But I should have paid more attention to the subtitle: "How blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the rest of … Continue reading Join ’em