Mind of a Mouse

I’m totally not going to even pretend to be subtle about this.

My sister and I collaborated on a children’s book and we think it is AWESOME.

If you have any 5 or 6-year-old children in your life – you should buy this book for them.  The rhymes are fun and funny and there is even a moral about not being greedy! Here are a couple sample pages:

_0002_GGG_rev2 –


My sister wrote the words and I drew the pictures.  It is amazing to have worked together on something and to have finished it!  So many of my projects fade into nothingness because I get bored, lose momentum, or wonder why I started in the first place.  Collaborating with someone who has as much enthusiasm as I do for the project makes finishing easy.  Although, I have to be honest here, it’s not like this took a lot of time –…

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