Long – over 5000 words

A Life, Investigated (working title)

This is the story of a mysterious disaster in space and of the investigator assigned to the case.
A bit of an experiment – I’m not writing this chronologically. I’m writing it as individual scenes. You don’t have to read any other part to enjoy each piece as a whole.  But of course, by reading all of them you will get a more complete story.  I’m listing them here in the order they happen in the story, but feel free to start anywhere.  Also – since this is, technically, a blog, I might go back and edit these periodically, so I’ll date them as well.

A Phone Call – Oct. 3, 2013 – 683 words – A snapshot of the relationship between Kate and her husband – so romantic! (sarcasm)

A Conversation Over Lunch – Sept. 23, 2013 – 705 words – Two woman talk during a meal, and talk oh so politely with each other. (more sarcasm)

A Revelation – Oct. 18, 2013 – 1253 words – Kate discovers a piece of the puzzle, and discovers she can still respect her father.

The Evaluation – Nov. 12, 2013 – 8000 words set in the same universe as A Life, Investigated, but far into the future.