Status Update #3

Have you ever baked a cake from scratch? I’m sure a few of you have. How about a cake from a box of cake mix? Probably most of you have done that at least once. Right?
So, when I started working on my clubhouse – I made the decision to ‘bake’ the code for controlling my player character from scratch. I knew I’d have more control that way, and it didn’t seem too hard. So all this time I’ve been building on top of that custom code. And up until a few weeks ago, that was fine. But recently I’ve run into a bunch of problems. Yesterday I set up a little test environment to see what would have happened if I’d just used the ‘box’ code that came with Unity (The game engine software I’m using to build my clubhouse.) Turns out, all of the problems I’m having completely disappeared in the test environment.

So now I have a decision to make.  Do I try to separate all the work I’ve done from the custom code and insert the ‘box’ code?  Or do I start the whole project over – building on top of the correct code from the beginning.

My cake analogy works perfectly here – if you can imagine trying to remove the water and oil and egg – essentially all the wet ingredients – from a cake batter after you’ve already started mixing them together – you will get a sense of how complicated that course of action will be.

Luckily – I am leaving today for a week long job. So I don’t have to think of it until Feb 7th.  Starting that day I have an entire month with nothing to do other than work on this thing, so hopefully I will make some progress .

I’m also thinking about doing short, quick status updates everyday.  What do you think about that – would the emails get too annoying?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading!


Friday Update


So, from tomorrow until the 12th I’ll be neglecting you all and my poor clubhouse – gotta go earn some money doing my real job as the dream job can not yet support my food and shelter addiction.

Worked on making the cards selectable today – but no success to report.  Perhaps the long break will give me new ideas to try when I get back.

Have a good weekend!

My First Status Update!


It’s my first status update, and I already messed up!  I forgot to say in the video – PLEASE leave your comments and suggestions on my patreon page so that I can incorporate them into the clubhouse.

ALSO – this video is being posted publicly – but the next one will go to PATREONS ONLY – so sign up now to continue following the adventure!  Only costs a buck!



My 2017

Hello World!

I’m going to build an online space where, through the use of an avatar, you can meet with your real life friends, talk, play games and just hang out in a place all your own. It is not a game – there are no levels, quests or strangers. Instead it’s like a slightly more immersive google hangout or skype chat.

I also intend to post a daily journal entry here on Patreon and also on my blog ( to keep all of my Patreons informed of my progress.

See the video below for a longer demonstration of the clubhouse. As of January 1st, the day I am launching this Patreon page, I am very close to a functional prototype – I just need to make it easy for you to download and login. Once that’s finished, you can hang out – invite a friend – see how things work and tell me how you think I can make it better. Just remember – this is a prototype! Expect bugs! Lots and lots of bugs!

I’m planning on April to have it ready for you because I still have to work at my freelance job. So there will be many days between now and April where I will be unable to work on the clubhouse. A girl’s gotta eat – right? And rest… so I’m taking Sundays off. =) Anyway, I figure this gives me around 280 days to work on this. That’s at least 280 journal entries you should expect to receive from me between now and December 31… Keep me honest! Yell at me if I miss a day!