Gut Reaction

A fictional tale of unexpected, and slightly silly, heroic rescue.   Wendy reached out to turn off the alarm and cringed, waiting for the hangover to slam into her head. After a moment or two, when nothing happened, she opened first one eye then the other to the midday glow emanating from around the edges … Continue reading Gut Reaction

Strangely Marvelous, Marvelously Strange

Fairies bound, hilltop to hilltop, ignoring laws of gravity, time and space.The frightened observer, unable to accept the scene, attempts to recall her last meal."The dumplings were bad!" she exclaims, sinking into carpet-like grass, into grass-like carpet.Fairies fracture yet fail to fade in the light of this untruth.A dream? A nightmare? An inspiration?Fairies don't care … Continue reading Strangely Marvelous, Marvelously Strange