Wandering around the east end of South Street, Philadelphia, we come upon an outdoor market. The tourist sign says this structure, a long, narrow, roofed but open sided building, has been a market for centuries. Farmers would pull their wagons up to the arched openings along the side of the tunnel and sell until the … Continue reading Vulnerable


I don't trust memory. I am nine or ten, and I am sleeping over at my friend Holly's house. (Holly is not her real name.  It shouldn't matter, since she is dead now, but I feel the need to protect her.)  I know Holly doesn't have a dad, which isn't too strange.  This is the … Continue reading Memory

Lazy Thinking

Ok - so you might have heard of this woman already... Anita Sarkeesian is an über modern feminist and pop culture critic. Recently, she took on the gaming industry and the game boys fought back. They literally threatened to kill her, stalked her all over the internet and turned their harassment into a kind of social media … Continue reading Lazy Thinking