The Roses of Success – My 100th Post

Well, here it is. My 100th post.  Isn't it so shiny and polished?  Now that I'm such an experienced blogger, this will be a post full of wit and wisdom, of laughter and tears, of such beautiful brilliance that it will overload the blogosphere, explode beyond the confines of the interwebs, burst into the thoughts of the non-webified, and I will, finally, achieve my goal … Continue reading The Roses of Success – My 100th Post

Ten Minutes

Ten Minutes.  Impossible.  I make too many mistakes.  I already did.  I meant to start with the word, 'word.'  The words fill my mind, swirl around my soul until I am drowned.  I can't take another breath until I've breached the dam and they pour out like a flood onto the screen.  The squiggly red lines, like poisonous worms under every word, … Continue reading Ten Minutes