On Grief

"Grieve not for the dead, for the dead feel no pain... Instead, weep for the living, who heal to hurt again." -- Unknown

Still Life

I've lost my fear of failure, and I'm in no rush to replace it. I'll encounter failure again, in dark alleys and low lit corners, but I will see it as only a friendly former foe with an age-crooked back and dull, flaky claws. The rejections arrive as sleeping breaths, inevitable, slow and deep. They … Continue reading Still Life


I don't trust memory. I am nine or ten, and I am sleeping over at my friend Holly's house. (Holly is not her real name.  It shouldn't matter, since she is dead now, but I feel the need to protect her.)  I know Holly doesn't have a dad, which isn't too strange.  This is the … Continue reading Memory