Fast and Slow

32 years ago, during my first attempt at college, I was unable to focus on a teacher's lecture.. As soon as they started talking, it was like a switch turned on in my brain and my imagination took off.. The teacher's voice was nothing more than white noise. If I took notes at all - … Continue reading Fast and Slow

Don’t Throw Stones

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones I've always struggled with that aphorism. Is the glass-house owner throwing the stone from inside their house or outside? I mean, are they throwing the stone at someone else's glass house or is it more metaphorical than that? The stone is an insult or a judgement.The … Continue reading Don’t Throw Stones

The body beautiful

I watched a body dance across a stage. Beautiful! Full of beauty, the embodiment of grace, with a dash of pixie dust (to account for the floating) The dancer can not be de¬≠scribed with the limited binary of male or female - they'd modified their body to remove such labeling distinctions. Distractions. Peter Pan - … Continue reading The body beautiful

Kids these days

Ageism is 'stereotyping and/or discrimination against individuals or groups on the bases of their age' according to Wikipedia. Most of what you read about ageism is concerning seniors But my problem is stereotyping and being disrespectful of the 19 year-olds in my college classes. The worst part: no one is really bothered by it, not … Continue reading Kids these days