Kids these days

Ageism is ‘stereotyping and/or discrimination against individuals or groups on the bases of their age’ according to Wikipedia. Most of what you read about ageism is concerning seniors But my problem is stereotyping and being disrespectful of the 19 year-olds in my college classes.

The worst part: no one is really bothered by it, not even the teenagers. They think they’re idiots too.

• • •

I fall into one of two modes when I’m interacting with the kids in my class: motherly mode – where I’m giving unasked for advice or telling them what to do.

Or I try to ‘lower myself’ – act like I’m the same as them – that I have the same problems they do, we’re all college students dealing with the same bullshit. Which isn’t true of course.

• • •

Experience is invaluable And I have 30 + years of it compared to them. I have no qualms about bullying the system to make it work for me – I will find the right person to talk to, I will make then help me get what I want.

The average 19 year old has none of that ability. Just the fact that they’re in community college says their control over their own lives is precarious at best.

Am I being ageist when I say that? Or simply judgmental?